Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spot The Sig 5th Inning Wrap Up - Gil Meche

I sort of thought the Gil Meche would be a tougher auto, since it was of a lesser known player who toils in a small market and the card is from the somewhat obscure Team Best series.

However this was no trouble at all for Nachos Grande who nailed a Brandon Phillips Triple.

Gil Meche is somewhat unknown around the league, but if your team has faced him, they may have had a tough time. While not outstanding he has been pretty steady the last couple years.

This is one of the Team Best Autos that are usually pretty cheap. I think I shelled out 4 bucks for this one in a 5 autos for $20 binge at a local card shop. Currently there are only two completed listings on Ebay for Meche autos both went for $3.99.

As far as the array of bonus questions....

I ended up watching the bulk of the SuperBowl, which I really had little interest in, apart from knowing a bunch of Steelers fans. The game was entertaining and had a very strong finish. It was good to see the Cardinals show up and play competitively enough that if a few things had gone their way they could have won.

The final score was 27-23. Dayf and Night Owl will each get the Steelers bonus for being 3 points off of the 27 (24 each) and DayF also picks up the Cards bonus for being 3 off there (20).

I thought the Springsteen set was a bit upside down. I think I would have started with Glory Days and ended with Born to Run, but I won't argue with the Boss.

Night Owl got the Springsteen Bonus for picking 2 of the 4 songs.

The current STS! standings after five innings:

I will need an abacus to figure this all out. I believe I have it, if you think I messed up let me know in the comments.

PTBNL - repsresentin those Fightin Phillies - 6 Runs - Men on 1st and 3rd.
Night Owl - Dodgers - 3 Runs in man on 1st
Cardboard Junkie - Braves - 3 Runs in - bases empty
Stats on the Back - Mets - 1 Run in - Man on 3rd
Nachos Grande - Reds - Brandon Phillips on third with a Triple
Card Buzz - Angels - Man on Second.
Cardboard Addiction - Bosox - Man on First
A Cardboard Problem - Yankees - man on first.
Covered in Wrappers - Cardinals - On Deck

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Nachos Grande said...

Hey, I finally got one right!

deal said...

And you got it quick! There are a couple of toughies in the final few weeks so I think it is still a wide open race.

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