Friday, February 27, 2009

Phillies release Adam Eaton

2009 Phungo Black Frame Insert - Adam Eaton vs Alfonso Soriano

It will cost the Phillies 9 Million dollars to let go of the ineffective pitcher. Eaton surely won't be missed partly due to his poor performance and also due to his rather surly attitude. He didn't handle a move to the bullpen well in 08 and this year rejected a request to pitch at the AAA level.

This Phungo card is part of the Black Frame insert set. This set features a couple of cards with a batter facing a pitcher. The photo is from a game that my girlfriend, Jo, took me to for a recent milestone birthday. It was a great week as she set up many fun activities for us and our friends. Chicago is definitely a fun city - if you're visiting for a game at Wrigley, I definitely recommend giving yourself some time to check out the city.

I suspect that I was trying to get a picture of Alfonso Soriano batting and am extremely happy with this shot. Anytime you can get the batter pitcher and ball in motion all in a single shot, thats pretty cool.

The Phils didn't completely cooperate as they lost my birthday game, but we went back a few days later to spend some time with the bleacher creatures for a day game at Wrigley and the Phils won!

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