Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Music - Nila Kay @ Milkboy Acoustic Cafe, Bryn Mawr PA - February 21 2009

I recently caught the beautiful young singer/songwriter Nila Kay at the Milkboy Coffee Cafe in Bryn Mawr. Nila's styling is part Jazz, part Pop - her set included the expected "Girl from Impanema". The young performer initially seemed a bit timid in the intimate cafe setting, but loosened up in her second set. Kay, from Arlington VA, who has been writing songs since the summer of 07 seems to be developing her style and tends to write a lot of songs about the trials of youth, young like, and love. She branched out into some other subject matter including a song about her young son.

Nila performed two 45 minutes sets composed mostly of her own material with a few cover songs mixed in. She performed the vocals and played guitar, while Jon Laine accompanied her on percussion for about half the songs.

Here are some additional pictures from the show:

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