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1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson

The Jackie Robinson Biopic "42" gets its official release tomorrow Friday April 12 2013.

1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson

To mark the occasion we are going to take a look at one of the favorite cards in the non-Phils portion of the Phungo collection. If your a collector with enough money to purchase a hobby box, you may want to consider picking up a vintage Jackie Robinson card instead. If your not too picky about condition you can even have a vintage Jackie Robinson card.  What crummy game used relic is going to top that?

For the Collector
The above Jackie Robinson card which is a bit soft on the edges with a couple of creases but no marks went for $80 in January of 2010.

Recent completed auctions for the card went as low as $26.50 (trimmed).  Untrimmed cards in ok shape started at $54.  A low end graded card ( PSA1 Poor) went for $62.  There were roughly 10 auctions of 53 Topps Jackie Robinsons that ended between $54 and $80 - all of which were cards in similar condition to mine.

Going up the ladder in graded cards we have the following:

PSA Condition$$$
PSA 1 Poor$129
PSA 3 VG$143
PSA 4$210
PSA 5 EX (BIN)  $295
PSA 5 EX    $330
PSA 5 EX (BIN)$465
PSA 6.5 EX-MT+$705
PSA 7 NM$893

Rookie Card
Jackie Robinson's Rookie Cards are from 1949.  For more info on those special Cards check this posting from Cardboard Connection

Jackie Robinson HoF Index
1953 Topps #1 (b-side with special guest John Thorn)
1956 Topps #30 (100th anniversary of birth / Phungo card)
1997 Upper Deck #3
2008 Topps Stadium Club #91 
2012 Topps Allen & Ginter's #31
2016 Topps Berger's Best #BB-5 (Ken Burns PBS Documentary Release) 

2011 Phungo Retired Numbers #42-PHI (Citizen's Bank)
2012 Phungo Retired Numbers #42-WASa (RFK Stadium)

Sources, Links, & Updates
Topps #1 Club

2016 01 31: Update - Card image upgraded

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Fuji said...

Great card. If I ever hit the lottery, I'd love to build a complete run of Robinson's Topps cards. For now, I'm happy with my 1956 issue.

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