Thursday, April 11, 2013

Broken News: The Bill Mastro Honus Wagner Card Trimming

In the wake of the news regarding Bill Mastro and the t206 Honus Wagner card, I would like to issue the following statement: 

I have an admission of my own.  I am also guilty of altering a card to increase the value.

1986 Topps #453 Steve Jeltz (RC - altered)

Yes I am guilty of altering the above Steve Jeltz card to sell it at a profilt. The dime I recieved for the card is far far more than it was worth in the original condition.

In fact the windfall I gained from the exchnage was likely far greater (percentage wise) than the amount Mr Mastro profitted from the sale of the T206 Wagner card. 

I appologize to my family, friends, and the fans for the embarassment and hardship that I may have caused them. 


Brad's Blog said...

Thats a 1 of 1 rookie card! Gotta be worth millions!

madding said...

You probably should have given him a nosejob while you were at it.

Fuji said...

Darn it! Now my Carlton Topps collection is incomplete. Shame on you Phungo!

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