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Phillies Wall of Fame Inductee Pat Burrell

Tonight the Phillies will add Pat Burrell to their Wall of Fame

2001 Topps #144 Pat Burrell (r-Cup)

To mark the occasion we are going to take a look at Burrell's 2001 Topps Card which features a rookie cup flair. The then 23 year old outfielder earned the honor by leading all rookies in RBI with 79 and finish second to Lance Berkman in Home Runs (18 vs 21)

 2001 Topps #144 Pat Burrell (b-side)

Good summary of the drafting of Burrell and his Rookie season. 2001 Topps B-sides are pretty decent with a 2nd photo plus a ghost of the a-side.

More Rookie Cup
2008 Topps #AR81 Pat Burrell

Topps marked the 50th anniversary of the All-Star Rookie team with this insert set done in the design of the 1960T Rookie Cup Subset.

 2008 Topps #AR81 Pat Burrell (b-side)

The back of the 1960T cards have bullet points of season highlights. Cool feature when looking back at a players rookie season.

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #118 Pat Burrell (Orange #d 397/399)

2008 was not the first time that Topps leveraged their Rookie Cup cache. In 2005 they released an entire set dedicated to the Rookie Cup. While the design of the 150 card set is rather bland I do like this card of Burrell blowing a chewing gum bubble while presuming playing first base - his position early in his career. Also note that he is wearing the 2000 era #33 rather than his more familiar #5. 

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #118 Pat Burrell (b-side )

All three cards mention Burrel'sl Debut Game on 2000 05 24. The first two cards discuss his early success while the latter two mention Pat's numbers with the bases loaded.

For a more detailed look at Pat Burrell cards check the In Search of Pat the Bat blog.

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