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Sunday Night Baseball: Welcome to the Hall of Fame Pedro Martinez

Tonight on the day of Pedro Martinez Induction into the Hall of Fame ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball is honoring the occasion by Featuring the Boston Red Sox as the Host the Detroit Tigers.

2002 Bowman Heritagae #66 Pedro Martinez

After a little bit of debate, I have decided to go with a Retro card as my Anchor card for Pedro's Phungo HoF series.

I love this card - A decade ago when Retro Sets were still sort of new it felt like the card companies tried harder. 2002 Bowman Homages 1954 Bowman. The Pedro #66 Card echoes the Ted Williams Card that sort of held the position in the original Bowman release.

2002 Bowman Heritage #66 Pedro Martinez (b-side)

And there is your proof that Martinez lives at House #66 in 2002 BowHeritage, notice above that I specified that was a position "Sort of" held by Ted Williams. Turns out that in 1954 Topps had inked a trading card contract with Topps and Bowman had to pull the card from the set. Rather then leave an open spot on the checker Bowman replaced Williams with Jim Piersall

Similarly #66 in Heritage is occupied by a pair of Red Sox.

2002 Bowman Heritage #66 Pedro Martinez/Nomar Garciaparra (b-side)

2002 Bowman Heritage #66 Nomar Garciaparra

There is the A-side of Nomar. I think the Black box for the player signature is an additional level of variation in Bowman Heritage - so yes variations have been around a while.

Pedro Martinez HoF Index
1997 Bowman Chrome #53
2000 Skybox Dominion #7 (ERA Leaders w/ HoF Randy Johnson)
2001 Topps Chrome #45 (card# = uniform#)
2004 Topps Pristine #18
2009 Phungo #45
2009 Topps Heritage #563 (w/ Phillies)
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Sign Sealed Delivered #SSD-8 (w/ Phillies)

1995 0603 Perfect Game Spoiled in Extra Innings (includes game ball in HoF)
2009 03xx Pedro pitches in the WBC San Juan PR

Sources and Links
Ted Williams HoF Index
Cardboard Connection

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