Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On The Road: 2015 0624 Chicago

the Baseball Project in Concert
Millennium Park - The Bean, Crown Fountain, Buckingham Fountain
Intelligentsia - Local Chain there is one right next to Millennium which is nice for picking up a coffee for a stroll through the park
World of Beer - We visited the outpost in Evantston, solid beer menu, friendly staff.
Yolk - good comfort breakfast, even the one in the Train Station.
The Little Goat - comfortable setting, nice bar.

Recommended - See comment in Mixed below re: Chicago Dining

Palmer House - Cool old building, great location for SABR
Gage - issue = dealing with rain
Publican - issue = flaky on take out orders
Cubs Game
Freshii - Good for the fast/fresh style - coffee sucked though.
Mercadito - Issue = flaky on what a Reservation means
Lockwood at the Palmer House
Evanston Arts Festival - See a couple of these a summer, got to see some things I hadn't seen before in Evanston.

Chicago Dining - I recommended most of the Vittles oriented activities but every outing seemed to miss on a detail somewhere.

Protein Bar - another fast/fresh, not as good as Freshii though.
Kris Bryant leaving game after one AB
US Air/American - Rude folks at the counter in Philly knocked US Air out of any contention for a Meh.

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