Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Playoff Cards Giants Hunter Pence 2013 Topps Chrome #2

Today we turn our Playoff cards postings to the San Francisco Giants and our old friend Hunter Pence.

2013 Topps Chrome #2 Hunter Pence 

The photo on this card captures so much Hunter Pence. The High Leg Step is the trademark of his swing. We also see the choked up bat, the single batting glove, and the old school high socks.

The icing is Hunter's wild eyes just peeking out beneath his batting helmet.


2013 Topps #3 Hunter Pence
2013 Topps Chrome #2 Hunter Pence

Chrome and all those parallels are really just instagrams. Once the base card is created all the heavy lifting has rally been done. All the parallels, Chromes, Silks, Rainbows and other variations are just taken the originals and putting them through an intagram facility.

In the scan above the original actually looks a bit better than the Chrome card. There is a lot of whitespace on the border of 2013 Topps - likely to make the instagramming even easier, however I like the overall design. The rounded plate area and the light fringing behind the team logo proved a good frame for the Topps photos.

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Hackenbush said...

If I were going to collect a new guy Hunter would be way up there on my list.

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