Thursday, October 9, 2014

Philly Show 2014 09 28 - Dime Box

As Promised Monday night we our now featuring our VF show Dime Box posting. I love the cheap bins, The shear disorganization fits my personality and I always find stuff that I had either forgotten about or never knew existed.

Since the onslaught of playoff postings has featured so many other teams, we will lead off with a Phillies Card.

2013 Topps Chrome Refractor #90 Ben Revere

Refractor for a dime, much better than the 15 base card "Value Pack" I just shelled out $5 for at Target.

Allen Ginter Inserts

Various A&G Inserts

Any time I see A&G inserts in a dime box, I pick em up. I am sure somebody needs anything I don't want to keep.

Sketch Cards
A&G Sketchers

These are staying in the Phungo Collection. I wasn't building this set but when one can pick up over half of the 24 card set in one day, it becomes part of the dime box search list. 

Vintage Dimes
1971 Topps Dimers 

I  knocked out 23 cards from my 1971 Topps Checker. A couple of the highlights are in the fan, the rest are even more common. The Manny Sanguillen card is a favorite among the lot.

Dime Box Card All-Stars
A couple of cards from this dime box were distinguished enough to get there own features at Phungo:
1981 Topps Record Breakers #206 Mike Schmidt
2013 Topps #WBC-5 Hanley Ramirez 
2003 Bowman Draft #BDP137 JJ Hardy  

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BobWalkthePlank said...

That Sanguillen is a sharp looking card!

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