Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Playoff Cards - St Louis Cardinals AJ Pierzynski 1994 Topps Signature Rookies #61

With Yadier Molina on the shelf for game 3 of the NLCS the Cardinals will start veteran catcher AJ Pierzynski

1994 Topps Signature Rookies #61 AJ Pierzynski

This is the game that Pierzynski is here for. He may be an annoying guy with a rough reputation but when it became apparent earlier this season that Molina may be questionable down the stretch the Cardinals went out and got AJ.  

That looks like a smart move today. Veteran leadership likely matters at catcher more than any other position. 

1994 Topps Signature Rookies
Pierzynski's red gear makes him look like a Cardinal here, but it is from a different squad. This 20 year old card is from early in AJs career when he was still in the Twins organization. 

1994T Signature Rookies is a 100 Card set which includes notables Nomar Garciaparra #12, Paul Konerko #13, Jason Varitke #14, Ryan Nye (Phillies 2nd round pick 1994) #49, Aaron Boone #62, JT Snow #99. The honor of the #1 card went to Josh Booty who was featured along with brother John David Booty QB (USC) on MLB networks "The Next Knuckler"

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