Sunday, December 7, 2008

2008 Score Football First Pack

#333 Matt Ryan

The Stats

1 retail pack 2008 Donruss Score Football Kmart $3.17
1 Franchise – Larry Johnson
2 Hot Rookie – Devin Thomas, Darren McFadden
1 Scorecard – Buster Davis #d Parallel (463/649) (injured in 2nd season)
1 Decal Marshawn Lynch
2 Vikings – (EJ Henderson, Tavaris Jackson)
No Eagles

#HR-4 Darren McFadden

5 Rookies within the Base including Matt Ryan and PSU alum Dan Connor

#385 Dan Connor

Overall this pack didn't do much for me. I liked this pack better than the Jumbo I got from Topps simply because I got some Vikings. An injured and a benched Viking, but it’s better than no Vikings. There were two Penn State Alums in the Pack Connor and LJ. I picked this pack for the cover card of Matt Ryan, a local product that I wanted a card of and was happy to find. Between this pack and the Topps pack I haven’t gotten any Eagles.

#179 EJ Henderson

The pack was a bit light on star power. Football definitely isn't my thing card wise, unless the Vikings win a playoff game, I may be done with football cards for 2008.


I would also like to remind everyone that it is Sunday and that means it is Spot the Sig! day. I expect to have a post up around 9:30pm eastern.

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