Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trade with White Sox Cards

2008 UD Baseball Heroes #183 Steve Carlton and Johan Santana
1986 Topps Mini #55 Mike Schmidt

1978 Topps#574 Bob Lemon 2008 UD Masterpieces
#70 Jimmy Rollins

As you probably know Steve at White Sox Cards has been very active on the trade market lately. And Team Phungo is very happy to have worked out a deal with WSC involving some White Sox some Phils and a bunch of stuff on my need list.

Basically I had a couple ’59 White Sox looking for a good home and Steve checked on my want list and we expanded the deal from there. Steve sent out a team bag full of Phils which included lots of stuff I needed.

And another bag full of cards to help out with my set building.

The cards above are among the highlights. I didn't pick up any Baseball Heroes cards this year and was very happy to get the Carlton/Santana card. The Schmidt is the first 86 Mini added to the Phungo collection. I also let Steve know that I enjoy vintage cards if he had any, The Bob Lemon card was among the vintage he sent. I like the '78 manager cards - probably had this one when I was a kid - glad to have this one back in my collection.

The set builder bag had cards I needed from 08 Topps Series 2, 07 Bowman Heritage, and 07 Masterpieces. I was very happy to knock a bunch of those sets off of my lists.

Thanks a bunch for the cards and keep up the trading – it’s like getting a blaster in the mail – only I want all the cards and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper.

And I think it all went much better than this trade....

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Steve Gierman said...

I'm glad I could bring your first '86 mini to your collection, among other goodies. I'm happy that the cards arrived safely and that you still needed some.

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