Monday, December 29, 2008

Phungo needs help from a Yankees Fan

I recently pulled this from a pack of 2008 Topps Stadium Club.

2008 Topps Stadium Club #134 Wladimir Balentien

My Question for the Yankees fans out there is, can anyone identify the catcher as Jose "Name that Molina" Molina?

I am pretty sure I was at this game - The Mariners visited the Yankees for two day games this year May 3 and May 4. One of those games was caught by Molina the other by Chad Moeller.

Also I have a similar question regarding a Miguel Cairo card if anyone can help me there.

This card was pulled from my first pack of 2008 Topps Stadium Club. The entirety of the pack is listed here.

#49 John Smoltz
#140 Max Scherzer
#137 Brandon Jones
#60 Scott Kazmir - First Day Issue

1 Hall of Fame Starter, another starting pitcher I like, 2 pretty decent prospects, and possibly a card where the Photo was taken at a game I attended. Thats a pretty good pack. If there was a Phil present I would give it a solid A. I will have to go with an A-


PTBNL once again won Spot the Sig! I will post standings later in the week. PTBNL didn't have anyone on base so the scores are basically unchanged except he has a runner on 2nd now.

There is still time to get involved in the STS! bonus quesion by posting here. I am still hoping for at least one Phungo reader to pick Penn State.

I hope to get to the Len Dykstra profile on Wednesday.


Sooz said...

He's a pretty big dude and I am 99 percent sure that's Molina.

deal said...

Thanks. I agree. Molina is definitely a big dude.

I will happily stick this one in my games Phungo has been too binder.

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