Monday, December 29, 2008

Derek Jeter 1/1 receives no bids!

check out this completed ebay listing.

Is this a legit 1/1? I am not familiar with this seller and this is not an endorsement or otherwise. They do have a 99.9 rating w/ 2000+ auctions. which isn't perfect, but it is pretty good.

Granted this auction ended at a bad time on the day after Christmas, but shouldn't any Jeter 1/1 even if it is part of a huge list of cards in milestones generate at least 1 bid. This particular card also represent number 1 in the series which one would think would give it some added cache.

For less than 5 bucks including shipping somebody could have had a Derek Jeter 1/1 and not one person bid. Have 1/1 cards declined in significance that much?


Anonymous said...

It's Moments & Milestones. There was a 1/1 for each of Jeter's 78 RBIs in 1996.

I'm a little surprised that no one bid, and I think the card probably would have sold if it hadn't ended around Christmas day.

But yes, Moments & Milestones was the death of the 1/1 card's significance.

RWH said...

It looks like the seller ended the auction early, so maybe that was the issue.

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