Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Phungo Readers Salute - Night Owl Cards

Today's readers appreciation is for Night Owl Cards.

Sometimes when I am not quite ready start working in the mornings I sneak over to check out what is going on in blogworld. Night Owl Cards is great for this because there is likely to be a posting composed while manning the graveyard shift, thus I have something new to read each morning.

Night Owl covers the primarily the Dodgers teamwise and he can also cast some great riffs on the vintage cards - lots o good early 70s stuff. But best of all Night Owl Cards has an interesting niche posting on Night Cards - Brilliant Concept - Night Cards Posted Over Night.

2002 UD Vintage Night Gamers NG5 Greg Maddux
2002 UD Vintage Night Gamers NG9 Troy Glaus

First off please notice I tried to get the two cards to not point off page (thats a note for Night Owl because he would likely notice)

In 2002 when UD Vintage ripped off the iconic 1971 Topps cards they produced a couple of interesting inserts sets called "Day at the Park" and "Night Gamers". I love 71 Topps, and also enjoy the UD Vintage version. One of the cool things about the two insert sets is they give you informationn on the players performance in Day or Night games depending on the set.

2002 UD Vintage Night Gamers (reverse) NG9 Troy Glaus

Oh and I should also point out that Night Owl Cards is in contention to be added to the Heavenly Seven.

Night Owl Cards, Team Phungo Salutes and Thanks you - keep up the good work and we look forward to a new post tomorrow morning!


night owl said...

Wow. Thanks, that means a lot considering the night I've had (and I don't know if I'll get a post in because of it).

And very nice, noting the pointing-off-the-page reference. You must've dabbled in media layout a time or two.

deal said...

Editor-in-Chief High School Yearbook.

of course that is back when we had to crop the photos w/ a grease-marker

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a thousand words
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