Thursday, April 9, 2015

#tbt Official Major League Baseball from the past

During the off-season Bud Selig retired from the position as Commissioner of Major League Baseball. 

Official Major League Baseball

That means that as of this week Major League baseballs will no longer contain the "Allan H Selig" signature.

Thus we have a "Throw Back Thursday" item - dubbed #tbt in the Social Media Realm. Yes The Bud Selig baseball is now an artifact, albeit from the relatively recent past - Regardless, it is part of a world that no longer exists.

I have about a dozen MLB baseballs in the Phungo Collection, most or possibly all of which came from foraging after Batting Practice Homers. The above ball is likely one of these. Every single MLB Ball I have is of the Bud Selig variety.

Hopefully during the new season we will be adding one with the Rob Manfred signature to the collection. 

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #1014 Subway Series/Interleague Play 

Baseball didn't always carry Selig's signature. Prior to the interleague play and the homogenizing of the leagues the AL and NL had different baseballs. The above card from the massive UD 20th Anniversary set shows the NL ball signed by one time Phillies player and NL President Bill White along with it's AL counterpart carrying the autograph of Bobby Brown. 

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SABR Bio Bobby Brown by Mike Huber
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