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The day Nolan Ryan was yanked from a possible record setting No-Hitter

Twenty Five Years ago Nolan Ryan who had already tossed a Major League Record FIVE no-hitters was working on his sixth.

It was an Opening Day Game for the Texas Rangers who were hosting the Toronto Blue Jays.

Unfortunately Bobby Valentine had to remove the future Hall of Famer after just 5 innings and only 91 pitches. 

1992 Topps #1 Nolan Ryan

One may ask how could anyone like Nolan Ryan who still advocates lots of throwing (as opposed to limiting innings) could let himself get taken out after recording just 15 outs.

There really was no other decision for Bobby Valentine.

1989 Topps #314 Bobby Valentine

It was opening day of the 1990 season which had an abbreviated Spring Training due to a player lockout. Prior to his opening day start Ryan had only pitched seven Spring Training innings total and Valentine didn't want to risk an injury to his most valued pitcher.

1990 Year of the No Hitter
This is just an Appetizer for this years planned subset series "1991 Score No-Hit Club".  A card set that commemorated the nine no-hitters pitched the previous season. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of that season.

In addition to taking a look at each of the nine cards in the subset, we will check in on near no-hitters and other related events.

Nolan Ryan's Opening Day start didn't make the final No-No list - Reliever Mike Jeffcoat retired the first two batters of the 6th inning before giving up a double to Blue Jays Third Baseman Kelly Gruber. The Rangers held on to win 4-2, giving up 3 hits. 

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