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The Carlton Battery Card 1982 Fleer #632

Last nigh we discussed HoF catcher Cartlon Fisk. Today we transfer from one Carlton, Fisk, to another, Steve.

1982 Fleer #632 Steve & Carlton Carlton & Fisk

This is a fun card from 1982 Fleer - their second set after returning to the baseball card market in 1981.

The Photo was taken at the 1981 All-Star Game in Cleveland. Due to a players strike the game was not played until August 9th. The game reintroduced the second half of the baseball season which in 1981 was played as a split season.

Steve Carlton made the All-Star team but did not play in the game. Fisk started behind the dish for the AL and went 1-3 with his hit coming off of Burt Hooton.

1982 Fleer #632 Steve & Carlton Carlton & Fisk (b-side)

The flip side gives some brief details on the two Hall of Famers and the ASG. It also contains the "Carlton Battery" term which I ripped off for the title of this post

1982 Fleer Stars Subber
The Carlton Battery card is one of 19 star cards towards the end of the 1982F (#628-646). These are the cards that would basically become the Super Star Special subset in 1983.

I was curious if the picture on this card might be a photo taken by Steve Babineau. He was a Fleer Photographer who took a lot of pictures at the Vet for the brand. He was interview by Baseball Cards come to Life here. I found no evidence this was one of Babineau's photos but the interview is a fun read.

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Cards don't get any more "Fleer" than this one... it's been a favorite since it came out.

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