Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WAR stories 2015 Phillies Projections: Chad Billingsley

Chad Billingsley is scheduled for his first start with the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday. Don't have any Phils card for him yet so we will go with a RC.

2006 UD Fleer  #70 Chad Billingsley

I hope Chad is auditioning for playoff teams and he puts enough good starts together that the Phillies can trade him at the deadline for a prospect that can contribute in the 2017 timefram

Not sure what that will look like WAR-wise. If he pitches as well as Aaron Harang's first couple of starts that would be great. I will go with +1.6 WAR which is what Billingsley posted in 25 starts during the 2012 season.  

2006 UD Fleer

I like the minimal yet colorful front of the cards, The Baseball Cap is a nice touch.

2006 UD Fleer  #70 Chad Billingsley (b-side)

However the flip shows off one of UDs biggest weaknesses. They regularly put no effort into the back of the cards.

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